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Basic Car Maintainance

September 28, 2017

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How to Gain More Power

September 27, 2017


A car engine’s horsepower is its raw strength, its ability to move the vehicle quickly, accelerate past trouble and haul increasingly large loads. Though stock engines from the dealer often provide plenty of horsepower to move the vehicle in question, you can increase the horsepower your engine generates by employing a few basic modification strategies.






Things You’ll Need:


Air filter
Intake piping
Intake manifold
High performance exhaust system
Turbo charger
Engine head with multiple valves
ROM chip



Increase the size of your car’s air filter or reduce the size of its intake piping. This allows air to enter the engine more freely, which lets the pistons work more efficiently and increases the engine’s horsepower.


Replace your intake manifold with one made of smoother material, or simply polish it to buff out any imperfections. That will lower the air’s resistance as it moves into the engine’s pistons and increase its effective horsepower.


Add a high-performance exhaust system to your car. The engine’s exhaust must exit as freely as possible, or else it causes the car to lose horsepower. The inclusion of a header, a free-flowing muffler or a larger tail pipe–all components of a high-performance exhaust system–will reduce the air resistance out of your engine and help exhaust to escape.


Install an intercooler. Cool air contracts, which means you can fit more of it into the engine’s cylinder than hot air. The more air you fit in the engine, the more horsepower when the cylinder fires. An intercooler is the most effective way to achieve this, though some high-performance cars already have them installed.


Add a turbo charger to the car engine. Turbo chargers compress the air entering the engine, which adds more oxygen to the combustion process and will increase the power under the hood.


Switch the engine’s head with one that has multiple intake values and exhaust valves. Most standard engines only have one of each. With multiple valves, the engine’s airflow will increase and the horsepower will improve.


Exchange the ROM chip in the engine control unit of the car. However, this technique is only applicable to late-model cars, and it isn’t always guaranteed to increase the horsepower. Check the chip carefully before you purchase it and get an independent opinion on its quality, if possible.


Decrease the weight of the car. The lighter the vehicle, the faster it moves and the more effective its existing horsepower. You can do this by replacing individual elements with lighter materials or simply by unloading some of the detritus you may be carrying around in the back seat or the trunk





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